Curriculum Statement

The Nursery School aims to provide a happy, stimulating and engaging environment for all pupils. We strive to ensure that each child experiences a broad, balanced curriculum based on the established principles which underpin nursery education.

The school firmly advocates that at this stage of education the child learns to make sense of the world most effectively through play and through opportunities to explore, investigate and experiment.

Though the play based curriculum each child is encouraged to develop skills, concepts, knowledge and understanding and will be given opportunities to explore and investigate in a safe and secure environment.

Careful planning by the nursery staff ensures that the progression takes place in your child’s learning. The individual needs of all children are catered for effectively through close observation and consistent record keeping.

Play activities in the nursery fall into the following main areas:

    • Imaginative play – House, SHop, Hospital, etc
    • Creative play – Art, Craft, Music and movement
    • Physical play – Indoor and Outdoor, Climbing, Running, etc
    • Table top play – Puzzles, Games etc
    • Natural materials – Clay, Dough, Water, Sand
    • Story books
    • Construction – Building, Joining, Block play
    • Baking activities

During the year there are two formal opportunities for parents to discuss the educational progress of their children. Staff are also available throughout the year and will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. The curriculum is supported by regular visits to the school for example, from the Zoo Exploris Aquarium and we also include a number of school trips each year to enhance children’s appreciation of the world around us.

In line with guidance given by the department of education, the nursery school follows a curriculum which focuses on six main areas of development:

Personal, Emotional and Social Development

    • Be confident and secure in relationships with adults and peers and work independently and within a group
    • Have a sense of personal worth
    • Display increasing self confidence, self control and self discipline, share, take turns, follow and lead
    • Become sensitive to the needs and feeling of others
    • Care for and help each other
    • Organize his/her time and make his/her own choices
    • Understand rules and routines and engage in acceptable behaviour
    • Persevere with tasks, seek help when needed and delight in his/her own achievements
    • Develop well being and self-esteem through all daily activities and nursery curriculum

Physical Development

    • Have an overall awareness of the need for safety
    • Enjoy physical play while developing co-ordination and bodily control
    • Confidently explore challenging and appropriate physical environment
    • Have the choice of many resources to provide opportunities for fine and gross motor skills

Language Development

    • Feel confident and allow conversation to flourish in a relaxed environment
    • Use language for a variety of purposes
    • Express feelings and ideas using verbal and non verbal communication
    • Avail of adult interaction throughout the nursery day
    • Use a growing vocabulary and increasingly complex sentences
    • Have the experience of print in the environment
    • Have the opportunity to listen and respond to stories, song, rhymes in small/large groups or in one-to-one situations
    • Experiment with a diversity of writing materials
    • Recognise his/her own first name
    • Talk about his/her experience, ask questions, and follow direction and instruction

Early Mathematical Development

    • Develop language to express early mathematical concepts, e.g. weight, number, size, space, pattern, time, problem-solving, quantity and comparison
    • Know and understand a wide range of stories, songs and poems with a mathematical theme
    • Adopt a positive attitude to early mathematical experiences
    • Talk about shapes and colour in the environment
    • Talk about daily routines, seasonal events and waiting to take turns, to show an awareness of time (sequences)
    • Develop an ability to count objects

Creative/Aesthetic Development

    • Explore a variety of materials appreciating colour, shape, texture and sound
    • Express/communicate feeling using a range media
    • Explore his/her imagination via role play, stories, songs, rhymes, and music, movement and 3D materials
    • Develop his/her manipulative skills by using various tools in various ways, e.g.: sponging, rubbing, hammering, etc
    • Value his/her own work and the work of others/displays

The World around us

    • Show care and respect for living things and their environment
    • Be familiar with the names of materials and equipment being used daily
    • Talk about home, school, family, friends and events in their life
    • Know the names of all the people who work in the nursery setting and people in the local community
    • Be aware of the growth and development of people, plants and animals
    • Discuss items on nature table, seasonal and festive events
    • Explore and recognise features of the natural world using their 5 senses
    • Explore how and why things work
    • Make observations while cooking, mixing, having dinner
    • Know the names of the parts of the body
    • Be familiar and confident with ICT environment