School Policies

Pastoral Care

The policy on promoting positive behaviour in St. Kieran’s Nursery School has been developed with close reference to the DENI guidelines and should be viewed in close connection with the school’s policy on Pastoral Care.

In keeping with the school’s pastoral care policy the staff of St. Kieran’s Nursery School work hard to promote an atmosphere of care and respect in which both the pupils and the staff feel secure, welcome and valued and where pupils take pride in their work, behaviour and achievement.

The staff promote a positive ethos which:

    • Nurtures children’s self-esteem and confidence
    • Encourages children to value each other
    • Promotes a strong sense of belonging
    • Sets expectations of pupils which are appropriately high

Provision for children with Special Educational Needs

The staff of St. Kieran’s Nursery School are whole-heartedly committed to the entitlement of all our pupils, regardless of physical, emotional or intellectual ability to enjoy, experience and ultimately, benefit from the wealth and breadth of our curriculum, within the ultimate concept of inclusiveness. Such adaptations as are required, will be evolved and reviewed in consultation with all staff, on the basis of information supplied by parents and appropriate professionals.

Our Nursery has always offered a warm welcome to children with a range of Special Needs as this serves to underline our commitment to integration and inclusion. We will continue to strive, as a staff, to offer every possible opportunity to children with special needs and in doing so increase awareness and consideration in the other children. Our involvement with the statutory and non-statutory bodies increases our professionalism and our capacity to assist our Special Needs pupils.

Child Protection


Procedures for Child Protection

The aims of the policy are to provide all staff with guidelines and procedures for the reporting of suspected child abuse and to make the parents aware of the schools complaints procedure.

The policy describes categories of child abuse and lists signs and symptoms of abuse.

The procedure which staff must follow when reporting an incident of suspected child abuse are clearly outlined together with information regarding referrals to Social Services or PSNI.

The policy includes a code of conduct for all staff and details of the procedures to be followed in the event of a complaint against staff.

Designated Teacher for Child Protection:
Mrs. O’Rawe

Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection:
Mrs. Burns


Child Protection Procedure for Parents

If a parent/guardian has a concern about the safety of their child or any other child who is a pupil at St. Kieran’s nursery school:

    • can talk to the class teacher
    • If still concerned, can talk to Mrs. A O’Rawe the designated teacher for child protection.
      (Telephone: 028 9060 1293)
    • If still concerned, can talk/write to the Chairman of the Board of Governors
    • At anytime can talk to CCMS (028 9032 7975) or the Duty Social Worker (028 9060 2931) or the PSNI at Woodburn Station, Child protection and Sexual Offences Unit (028 9025 9909)

Do not hesitate to contact the school if you have a concern or a complaint. We all have a duty of care to protect children and their welfare must always be our priority.

Positive Behaviour

We believe all children have the right to play safely and securely. In keeping with the schools pastoral care policy the staff work hard to promote an atmosphere of care and respect in which the children feel secure, welcome and valued and where they take pride in their work, behaviour and achievements.

The school adopts a positive approach towards behaviour which nurtures children’s self esteem and confidence and encourages children to value one another. It promotes a strong sense of belonging and sets expectations of pupils which are consistent and appropriately high.

The school views the development of positive behaviour as part of the learning process and seeks to encourage children to develop independence and social skills and tot ale responsibility for their own behaviour.

Staff work closely with parent to develop a consistent approach and employ a range of strategies to address any challenging behaviour.

The full policy on promoting positive behaviour is available on request.

Settling in

The settling in process is a vital time in which each child is given the opportunity to get to know the members of the staff in the school as well as the routines of the day. It is also a short time, usually about two hours. As they settle in and become more familiar with their new surroundings the length of time they spend at school will be increased.

It is important to be aware that some children may take longer to settle than others and so parents are urged to be patient. It should also be noted that each individual child’s day will be lengthened at the discretion of the class teacher who will work closely with parent’/carers in the best interests of the child.

Role of Parent/Carer

    • Stay with your child for as long as they need you – support staff in settling your child and do not leave without telling your child you are going.
    • Bring your child to school on time and collect promptly.
    • Always bring your child every day – don’t worry if you are a little late.
    • Enjoy the time you have with your child during the settling in process – it is a special time for you both.
    • Do not hesitate to talk to staff about any queries or concerns you may have.

Healthy Eating Policy

In St. Kieran’s Nursery School we promote healthy eating as part of our daily routine. We provide a selection of fresh fruit and full cream milk daily, so the children may choose according to their preference and try out new tastes. Children’s allergies and dietary requirements are taken into consideration.

We aim to:

    • Eat a healthy snack everyday.
    • Talk to the children about healthy and unhealthy foods.
    • Establish a tooth brushing routine after dinner everyday.
    • Keep parents informed of our healthy eating policy.

We encourage parents to work in partnership to eliminate food and drink with a high sugar content which causes dental decay and gum disease.

Parents please note that as we have children in school with severe food allergies your child should not bring any food to school.

If your child is bringing a packed lunch to school please discuss this with the class teacher first. Lunches should follow the school’s healthy eating policy and consist of sandwiches, fruit and yoghurt. Drinks will be provided by the school.

Please note that crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks are not allowed.